Tuesday, September 9

Apple health kit demo stage exclusively built

Apple has set up an exclusive podium to showcase its venture into wearable computing with the launch of series of health kit accessories.
Apple brought in construction employers exclusively from the UK for this construction while ensuring that no outsider gets a contact point with these employees.

Apple also has rehearsed throughout this weekend for what calls a game changing historical event scheduled to happen today.

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO will take the centre stage to launch his first non Jobs product, after years of waiting since he took over as the CEO of Apple.

Some of the frequented rumours surrounding this Apple event include the launch of a Smart Watch, Two differently sized iPhones ( 4.7 inch iPhone and a 5.5 inch iPhone). However, based on what we had seen introduced in this year's Apple developer's conference WWDC, we are certainly expecting a range of smart home products and accessories from 3rd parties to be announced in today's Apple Live event.

Apple live event can be streamed directly from Apples official website and the current countdown timer value for the event stands at 2:25 hours!!

We will keep you further posted here as the event unfolds!!

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