Monday, October 5

[SOLVED] What Is The Battery Type, Battery Capacity and is the Battery Removable in a Lenovo IdeaPhone S650

One of the important aspect of any smartphone/tablet is the battery type it supports and its life expectancy.

In case of a Lenovo IdeaPhone S650, it comes installed with a Lithium-ion polymer battery  Several devices these days comes with a non-removable battery.

In case of Lenovo IdeaPhone S650, battery is removable  and hence can be easily removed.

Talking about the battery capacity of a Lenovo IdeaPhone S650device, it comes with a battery bearing a capacity of 2000 mAh This, if not the best, is definitely sufficient for a decent one day usage with rigourous data usage and video playback.

If you are a kind of person who just use a lot of camera features but dont abuse data consumption, then Lenovo IdeaPhone S650 should be able to give you a day and a half worth of battery energy.

Hope this should convince you to consider the Lenovo IdeaPhone S650if you are really worried about the battery backup of this device.