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India is all set to start its One Day International cricket series against Sri Lanka after the confirmation of Sri Lankan cricket team's visit to India in November 2014.
The first ever One Day International Cricket match of the tournament between India Vs Sri Lanka is scheduled to be played this Sunday, 2nd November 2014 in Barabati Cricket Stadium, Cuttack. This 1st ODI match between Sri Lanka Vs India will be a day and night cricket match, scheduled to be started at 01:30 PM in the afternoon.

With lots of cricket fans from Cuttack and neighbouring cities expected to watch the tournament live from the Baramati Cricket Stadium, the organizers and the management of the Cuttack cricket stadium are preparing to their best for a risk and tension free spectatorship this 2014 cricket season.

In lieu of this, the management of the Baramati Cricket Stadium in Cuttack have arranged for their fans to buy the ticket for this first One Day International Cricket played between India and Sri Lanka on 2nd November 2014 directly from the Baramati Cricket Stadium counters.

For those of the cricket fans who would like to avoid staying in the queue for procuring their tickets for the first ODI cricket match between India and Sri Lanka, the management has also opted in to sell their tickets through online channels.

The fans of cricket match between India and Sri Lanka 2014 can buy the tickets online through some of the pre-selected online ticket vendors as decided by the management of Baramati Cricket Stadium. As of now, the decision and listing of these ticket vendors who are authorised to sell the tickets for 1st ODI between India Vs Sri Lanka 2014 tournament has not yet been publicized. We are continously monitoring and tracking for this information on buying tickets online for the 1st ODI between India and Sri Lanka on 2 November 2014 and will publish these exact details as soon as this information becomes publicly available.